Finally getting back into the swing of things, I had my first newborn to photograph (other than my own) in quite a few years.

The Playroom(s)


We bought a new house in April, moved in during May and have been slowly organizing the different areas since then.  We went from living in about 1500 SQ FT of space to 3500 SQ FT of space.  To say…
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Escaping the Heat


We have been having the most ridiculous heat wave in the West/Southwest but we are fortunate to only live about a two hour drive from the coast.  (An hour from our parents houses.)  We spent our 4th of July with…
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Fresno City College


Part of our regular walking routine takes us to the campus of our local community college.  We don’t have a park within walking distance and the kid is too young to miss playground equipment.  The campus itself is quite scenic…
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