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I love to document.  My love for documentation makes me slightly prone to hoarding.  I hoard images on my computer, trinkets in my drawers, recordings of songs on my digital piano, and words that I will most certainly forget to remember in hand-written journals, of which there are too many to keep track.

I have a horrible track record for printing my photos, but have promised to make it a resolution for the new year.  Parenting a two year old and working full time tend to distract me from my creatives from time to time, but my insatiable need to have a record of everything will always bring me back to my senses.

You’ll find that I mostly take photos of my son, Julian, who is, more often than not, a very willing participant to what I call a photorturous lifestyle.  I’m happily expanding the reaches of my photocentric wiles to anyone else who shares my penchant for photo-hoarding images of their offspring, but only on the condition that you print your photos, too.

That way, whenever the power goes out, or your phone battery dies, or your hard drive kicks the bucket, or any other number of technologically disastrous things that can, do, and will go wrong happen to happen, you still have something to hold in your hands, to remind you of yet another fleeting moment in your child’s past.


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