A Couple of Days Into March.



Getting the rain we should have had all of last year.  Not that you can tell from the bulk of my photos, but we have been indoors a lot more than usual this weekend.  The great thing about the sun room is that, no matter how gloomy it is outside, it’s still pretty well-lit on the inside.

We just need more entertainment in there.

2014-03-02_0001 2014-03-02_0002 2014-03-02_0003 2014-03-02_0004 2014-03-02_0005  2014-03-02_0008 2014-03-02_0009 2014-03-02_0010 2014-03-02_0011 2014-03-02_0012 2014-03-02_0013 2014-03-02_0014 2014-03-02_0015 2014-03-02_0016 2014-03-02_0017

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