The Secrets of Toddler Photography


Distract them with large animals.


2014-02-19_0002 2014-02-19_0003

And food & drink.

2014-02-19_0004 2014-02-19_0005 2014-02-19_0006 Let them climb everywhere.

2014-02-19_0007 Or not.


Take advantage of “special moments”.


Own puzzles.

2014-02-19_0010 2014-02-19_0011 Break for a diaper change and then let them run wild.

2014-02-19_0012 2014-02-19_0013 2014-02-19_0014 2014-02-19_0015 How to get a toddler to pose with a jacket..


Keep throwing it at his head and hope he finds it amusing.

2014-02-19_0017 2014-02-19_0018 (He’s waiting for it to come flying back at him.)

2014-02-19_0019Results may vary.

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  1. Sharee Bell

    Cousin, those pics are soooo wonderful and should be published. I hope you have my little cousin signed up at an agency for modeling very soon.


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