Happy Kids.


Come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and families.

We spent more time in the sun room before we went to the zoo this afternoon.  Did not bring my camera today, just enjoyed the walk.  And a tiny glimpse into Ju’s room (I just re-organized it today).

Don’t even ask about the face.2014-02-04_00022014-02-04_0001 2014-02-04_0003 2014-02-04_0004 2014-02-04_0005 2014-02-04_0006 2014-02-04_0007Caught in the act of tearing up the paper shades.  He doesn’t even care.  He’s setting all the pieces along the back window sill and counting them.2014-02-04_0008 2014-02-04_0009

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  1. LaTeaonee Hefner

    The pictures are soo beautiful!!!!!


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