A Gray Kind of Day


It’s overcast out, so we’re further exploring the world of microfashion indoors.  I am in NO WAY a fasion-forward person, so emphasis on “exploring”.  This effort is also fueled by my intense jealousy of the amount of cute “girl” clothes that are out there.  So, don’t think too much of any coral themes you see splattered here in the future.

You can also follow along on Instragram @wearitju or Pinterest @alanasaurus.  We have some cute little pieces coming in from VonBon Apparel and new shoes from Converse.

We’ll start out with a mischievous smirk that turned into the time-out below.  (He threw my phone.)

2014-02-11_0001 2014-02-11_0002 2014-02-11_0004 2014-02-11_0005 2014-02-11_0006 2014-02-11_0007 2014-02-11_00082014-02-11_0011 2014-02-11_00032014-02-11_0009 2014-02-11_0010

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