San Antonio, Rio Grande, McAllen, & South Padre Island, TX.


More than a handful of photos from our trip to Texas.  Some answers for images below:

– Julian has his own Pope Mobile.
– Our day at the beach was the warmest and only rain-free day we spent in Texas.
– Cousin K brought bread to the beach.  The seagulls found us as soon as she opened the bag.
– I only stopped running long enough to take those few photos.
– We had dinner by the sea, with plans to go dolphin-watching afterward, but the dolphins swam by as we ate.
– We visited the IMAS in McAllen where Ju touched his first lizard.  (I think..)
– It stopped raining long enough for Ju to play on the giant play structure.
– His teenage cousin was worried that Ju did not like her, so him holding her hand at the end of our IMAS visit was a giant win.

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  1. Connie Williams

    I love the way that you guys allow Julian to explore his environment. I can see that he is happy and well loved-by everyone in the family. You guys are a great family unit and that includes Papa, Mama and the Sisters. Glad that you enojed the trip and thanks for sharing your pics.


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